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of the group. the group fun walked away with song of the year for we are young. kelly clarkson, got that one, she won best pop vocal album. >> i didn't know i was going to win because i literally was so excited to be in a category. fun, i've been covering you all summer. i love that song. i love pink. i love everyone that i was in the category with. >> kelly clarkson. adele won for best pop solo performance with her song set fire to the rain. she came in her grandmother's sofa. what is that in. >> she wears black all the time. i thought she looked lovely. i love adele. love mumford and sons. kelly clarkson, fun. >> she should be covered in plastic with that dress. >> be nice. >> keep it clean. >>> the space shuttle may be history but nasa is keeping busy. how the latest launch today could help us keep better tabs on the planet. >>> at 5:20, the encouraging developments in the fight against teenage pregnancy. >> putting the power of your iphone into a device you can wear on your wrist. >>> the perfect bouquet for your >>> valentine's day is a few days away. florists across the country are gea
on stage. >> i'm sitting behind beyonce. i want to see kelly clarkson. she's a buddy of mine. >> reporter: kelly clarkson paid tribute to carole king and to the late patty page after winning the award for best pop vocal album. it wouldn't be the grammys without a few one of a kind moments. comparing a-listers for some show stopping performances. >> and in the studio right now with us, tommy mcfly from 94.7 fresh fm and sonny from wpgc. >> we are going to talk about the best and the worst moments. we search have our list it. let's begin with you, sonny, from wpgc. >> my best tonight has to be justin timberlake and that great performance, of course, announcing his album coming out in march, and we're also excited a about that. 'ance. best of the night. >> tommy mcfly. >> as soon as i tie it on. i thought the best moment was absolutely fresh artist kelly clarkson. >> that was better than justin timberlake? >> i think it's so awe. some i love everyone. miguel, i don't know who the hell you are but we need to sing together. i mean, good god, that was the sexiest damn thing i've ever seen. >> i
. >>> it's the song that made kelly clarkson a superstar. but did she even want to sing it in the first place? the war of words with clive davis, saying she refused to be bullied behind closed doors. ♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ >>> and hello, robin. the froggy slippers are off and she's back in times square. five months from the day from her bone marrow transplant. her doctors, giving her the thumbs-up. getting back into fighting shape. all on team robin here and across the country, with a big welcome, right now. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> welcome back, robin. >> robin is back, only on "gma." ♪ i'm on top of the world >>> i've been waiting to do that. >> we've all been waiting for that drumroll. it is official now. welcome back, robin. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> you can hear the cheers out in times square just a minute ago. and look at everybody early this morning, coming in to welcome robin. even earlier than normal, robin. here before 5:00 this morning. the crew is here. all of abc news. >> oh, thanks so much. and i have to say, i keep pinching myself.
if they won record of the year tomorrow night. frank ocean, taylor swift, kelly clarkson also got a nod in that category. singer and songwriter bruno mars is also nominated for a grammy. pierce morgue sat down with him just before the grammys last year and get this, he says he was almost a has been before his career took off. >> the thing i like about your story is it hasn't all just been easy. a lot of entertainers your age, it all goes crazy young and it carries on and then it burns out. in your case, you had this big wake-up call. you were 1 years old. you come to hollywood. motown signs you up, and you thought whoa. >> this is it. >> i have arrived. >> yep. >> i bruno mars am a motown sensation. and then boom. almost as fast as you got it, they dropped you. how did that feel, that time in your life? >> it was it was taking a step back. i used to be able to walk into a room and say i'm bruno mars signed with motown records. and then now i have to say, i got dropped from motown records. you lose leverage. you lose people believing in you because they go, well, why didn't it work. >> h
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. >> a little bit. >> not big enough for lara. >> i did notice that. >>> coming up, kelly clarkson's heated war of words with music mogul clive davis. why she says she refuses to be bullied. >>> and feeling stronger every day. how robin got into fighting shape, ready to return just five months after her bone marrow transplant. >>> robin, here's a message from our alma mater, espn. >> robin, everybody's welcoming you back, mostly to "gma" and to news. no, no, no. we know where your home is. we know where you started. sports. we're happy to have you back. >> and we love you. keep on smiling. and keep on doing what you've been doing, girl. you're doing your thing. >> we love you, robin. thank you very much for being such an inspiration to so many people. >> and even though we don't elect stuff at espn, i would elect you as first lady of espn. >> congrats for coming back. >> glad you're back. >> glad you're back. hd 4. hd 4. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and ho
. >> the grammy goes to -- i won't sing it. don't worry. stronger. kelly clarkson. >> well, adele and kelly clarkson cleaning up. now critics are saying they need to slim down and their current weight is nothing to idolize. is that criticism fair? she says yes, it is. you were saying you take nothing away from either woman's body or talent, but what stuck in your craw? >> well, these women are obviously disciplined and hard working. they both came from low means and now they were accepting grammys last night. the highest honor in the music industry. >> adele cleaned up last year. >> they are beautifulwoman and i'm not disputing that. but if they walked into my office and said i'd like to lose ten to 20-pounds i wouldn't say, no, you're at a healthy weight. >> you are say that in the skin they're in now, they're too fat. >> well, we measure fat in this country -- if you walk into a for's office he would take your body mass index, and anything above 25 would be considered overweight and unhealthy and at risk for certain health conditions like diabetes and high bloop -- blood pressure. and i'm
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. and he also reveals that kelly clarkson would burst into tears. while he was managing her first album. now clarkson is accusing davis of memory lapses. and misinformation. she says the only time she ever cried in his office was when davis called her a lousy writer who should, quote, just shut up and sing. ouch. >>> british drama "downton abbey" raked in 8.2 million viewers. thanks to "downton" pbs has quadrupled its prime time average. >> we all know what the winners of the oscars get. what about the losers? the runners-up will be taking home swag bags totaling $45,000. that includes trips to australia, hawaii, condoms and tequila. >> those go with you to australia and howe. >> they certainly do. appointments for injectable fillers. and portion-control dinner ware. in case any of the losers plan to diet. >>> turning now to a story from portland, oregon, where a sea otter is making a splash by showing off his basketball skills. eddie, the sea otter, definitely knows how to take it to the rack. the aging animal learned this trick after his arthritic elbows became a concern that caused h
to leave this up for one of these guys. >> reporter: kelly clarkson barely made it to the stage. >> i'm so sorry. i got stuck to miranda lambert. >> frank ocean. >> reporter: and chris brown made niece for what he did not do, staying in his seat while everyone else gave grammy winner frank ocean a standing ovation. brown allegedly punched ocean in the face this month. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: justin timberlake broke out two eagerly awaited new songs keeping it classy in black and white. >> grammy goes to [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the top honor of the night album of the year went to the british band mumford & sons. >> we're very grateful for all of this country and the grammy foundation for being so welcoming. ♪ [ music ]♪ ♪ i will wait for you ♪ >> that was one memorable performance there. >>> it was a big night for a few folks with ties to the bay area. liam mayclem wraps up those winners for us. >> reporter: tonight, bonnie raitt won her 10th grammy award for best americana album. the legendary singer spends her time between nor
. >>> from adele to kelly clarkson, why it pays big to be plus-sized in hollywood. >>> the pope's surprised resignation. the church's sex abuse scandal. he
performance. miranda lambert, and kelly clarkson paid tribute to patty paige. >> facebook was full of comments, good bad indifferent. >>> the blast and fire that kills a worker in texas. >>> deadly drill the crew of a cruiseship in spain falls to their death. >>> mardi gras come to a standstill. >>> this is blanket rocketship and he's headed to the westminster dog show. more on that coming up. >>> a cool down coming our way. the complete forecast coming up next. whether you're a ham & cheese at noon a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon or a tuna salad when the job is done sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'. . >>> it's cloudy, 36 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. >>> a plant worker in texas is dead after an explosion and fire. another worker is in critical condition with burns. investigators are trying to find out what caused the emergency at the port facility. >>> a safety drill on a cruiseship kills 5 people in spain's canariy islands. a cable snapped on a hive boa
-all memoir which includes the revelation that he's bisexual. and he also reveals that kelly clarkson would burst into tears. clarkson says the only time she ever cried in his office was when davis called her a lousy writer who should, quote, just shut up and sing. >>> british drama "downton abbey" raked in 8.2 million viewers. thanks to 80 kwounton" it's quadrupled it's prime time argue. >>> the runners-up will be taking ohm swag bags totaled $45,000. that includes trips to australia, hawaii, condoms and tequila. and portion-control dinner ware. >> and what is injectable fillers? >> you don't know what injectable fillers are? to minimize lines and wrinkles. >>> turning now to a story from portland, oregon, where a sea otter is making a splash by showing off his basketball skills. eddie, the sea otter, definitely knows how to take it to the rack. the aging otter learned this trick after aging caused him that. the exercises worked and he's been hooping it up ever since. can we keep him up a little longer? >> he's pretty cute. >> he's the cutest thing ever. he seems to be having a good time.
and misinformation. >> don't mess with kelly clarkson. >>> a hit british drama downton abbey raked in 1.2 million viewers for its finale. pbs has quadrupled its primetime average. >>> the runner-ups at the oscars will be taking home swag bags valued at $4500. >>> what are they saying? >> well, this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with guest host peter alexander starts right now. ♪ >>> did you see the pictures of president obama playing golf with tiger woods this weekend? neither did we. >> the media covering the president was shut out. the press corps complained. >> there are a lot of holes in the story, specifically, 18 of them. but i believe america deserves to know, who drove the cart? who rode shotgun? did the president play from the woman's tee? fol folks, you're just as upset as i am, i can tell.
in public. >>> big winners included kelly clarkson, carey underwood and monford and sons. we look at the big moments both on and off the stage. >> as you can see, i read the memo of. >> reporter: jennifer lopez, kelly roland and katy perry skirted the grammy dress code by wearing borderline outfits, but kathy griffin felt it was a bit too much. >> arrest me. send me to grammy jail. >> reporter: donning an oversized dress to project images during her performance, carrie underwood said backstage she tries to watch this season's american idol as much as she can and feels the dynamic between mariah and nicki is unique. >> i think there's an interesting balance that's going on on the judges panel, that it makes it interesting. >> reporter: season one idol champ kelly clarkson got tongue tied and tangled after winning pop vocal album. >> i still love you. >> reporter: making an obvious stab at her one direction ex harry stiles during her opening performance, taylor swift got thousands of angry sweets from the brit's loyal followers. as the night saw the music industry celebrate its own, we ask
could barely hear it, guys. it's that kelly clarkson song, right? >> get a little taller -- >> huh? >> just because i'm over doesn't mean i'm gone? [ dings ] >> i don't know. >> yes, yes. there we go. there we go. >> what's the proper answer? >> just because i'm lonely. it was correct. kelly clarkson "stronger." now we go on to honoring toby keith's red solo cup. >> cheers, cath. back over to you. >> from philadelphia, name the artist whose song playing now is nominated for record of the year. who is this? ♪ ♪ we are young >> fun? >> apparently, nobody knows. [ dings ] >> answer is right. >> fun, huge, huge pop hit. and now i guess we're honoring the neil diamond song "red, red wine." >> i love being inside for this segment. kathie, over to you. >> yeah yeah. i'm having fun, too. you're from new jersey. true or false, british boy band one direction is nominated for "best new artist"? >> true? [ buzz ] >> so sad. that's surprising, right? >> that's a shame. >> you're going to love the book. >> many accomplishments this year, besides being on the "today" show, two new albums at n
of the year for the hit song "somebody that i used to know." >> and stronger, kellie clarkson. >> a great year for american idol alums, kellie clarkson took best pop vocal album for stronger and carrie upwood for best solo country performance for blown away. >> i feel really happy and not that i haven't felt happy before, i feel that all went off l. >> reporter: as always, the show is about the performances as it is about the honors. justin timberlake made his highly anticipated return to the grammy stage. and bruno mars,ery anna, sting, and damian majerle got a -- and damion marley got a standing o having for their performance for bob marleyj. and ll cool j shutting down the ceremony with something. >>> and are you looking for love this valentine's day, las vegas is this year's sexiest city in america. sin city is followed by miami, new orleans, san francisco, and new york city. >>> light go to brian bolter now for a look at what is next on the news edge six. hi, brian. >> hi, guys. continuing to follow the latest on the pope's shocking resignation. a closer look at the state of the catholic
behind beyonce. and kelly clarkson. >> reporter: kelly paid tribute to caroll king and the late patti page after winning for best pop album. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the grammys without one of a kind moments. and los angeles police department did tell me there was a heightened level of security tonight at the grammys just as there are with every major show here but added anxiety tonight, ken and elizabeth with that massive man hunt still under way for the former la collina dal lago cop accused of -- la cop accused of killing three people. >> no question the city is on high alert the whole area is. last year it seemed like the theme centered around the recent death of whitney houston, if this year had a theme what do you thing it would be? >> reporter: probably the most striking thing for a lot of music critics is leading up to the awards show there wasn't an it nominee or performer. last year there was a lot of attention, focused on adele and her several nominations this year it was about the up and coming artists. when you look at top nominees i
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anticipated performance that stole the show. >> i actually love that song. another big winner was kelly clarkson another favorite. she took home the grammy for best pop vocal and had the funniest acceptance speech. >> i had sex with miranda lambert. there's the name of a song for later after alcohol. i am just kidding. i didn't know i was going to win. i literally was so excited to be in this category. >> she can sing. that is your 5@5:00. >> leads us to our brew on this question of the day what was your moment at the grammys if you were up that late. e-mail us at or tweet us. >> it was a little late. >> lindsay graham a very direct message to the white house. no confirmation without information about the benghazi terror attack. >> good morning kelly. >> he is not satisfied with what he heard from officials will the attack at benghazi. he vowed he is going to get to the bottom of it even if it means blocking the confirmations of the secretary of defense as well as the cia director all important decisions that need to be fulfilled. he believes president obama
version of suit and tie. there were powerful vocals by kelly clarkson. jack white sang love interruption. hughes was ripping it on the guitar. he smashed his guitar at the end of his performance. clarkson and fellow female powerhouses adele and carrie underwood got awards last night. it was the guys who won big. their hit we are young won. they are not young. belgian australian artist gotyea won record of the year. mumford and sons won the night's biggest prize, album of the year for their album battle. >>> the most talked about moments twitter is talking about rihanna and chris brown snuggling together all night long. they look very cozy. chris brown stayed seated while everyone else gave frank ocean the award. brown was nominated in the category. you can recall the two artists got into a scuffle in the recording studio. there's obviously some beef there. he's still clapping though. everyone seemed to adhere to this year's strict dris code. the most talked about red carpet moment. when you see katy perry there. jennifer lopez showing some leg there. her high split dress looked odd over
is going to perform. he will be there with bruno mars and rihanna. kelly clarkson is going to be on stage as well. super bowl half time performer beyonce is one of the presenters so you don't want to miss it. the 55th grammy awards next sunday on wusa9. it starts at 8:00. >>> speaking of the super bowl, it's always a plus for business and especially if you sell ravens merchandise. but for one baltimore furniture store, one play during super bowl's game sunday meant taking a half million dollar hit. >> but here's the kicker. they're actually happy about it. debra alfarone tells us about the store and how 600 baltimore ravens fans might be sitting in a brand new living room for free. >> past the 50. >> reporter: how does this. >> inside the 20. a kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown. >> reporter: turn into this? again, an end zone dance into end tables for everyone? gardner's furniture, a baltimore-based family-owned furniture chain is giving away more than a half million dollars of couches and coffee tables. but there's a catch. >> you had to come in thursday, friday, saturday or sund
will perform along with bruno mars and rihanna. kelly clarkson will also perform, and will beyonce. people are still talk talking about that performance last night at the super bowl. join us, the 55th grammy awards are next sunday right here on wusa 9 starting at 8:05 high pressure you know, you noticed -- >> you noticed, the microphones of the other two destiny child were lower than the others. did you pick up on that? and on entertainment tonight they'd it was on purpose. >> interesting. i thought it was just because everybody holds the mike differently. >> no, that's a little did i va nation -- diva nation stuff. not to shake mike's in full volume. >> mine will be at 100%, yours will be at 40%. >> that's right, nobody will even hear you. >> they were singing live, that's all we know. >> as loud as they could. >> absolutely. >> we've got a chance for a couple of flakes tomorrow. not going to dampen the spirits in baltimore. a live look outside. it is our live michael & son weather cam. 36 was the high. and temperatures haven't done much. in fact, now the new high is 37. so the clouds cam
is a tossup. lonely boy by the black keys. stronger by kelly clarkson. and "we are young" by the pop group fun, make up half the field. "somebody that i used to know" by gotye and "thinking about you" by frank ocean and "we are never getting back together" by taylor swift are also contenders. >> i can make a strong argument why any one of these should be record of the year. >> that and the inflame point staples add to the musician's night. >> and our financial expert is here with tips when we come back. >> but first a look at some of the events going on around town . >> welcome back, the time is 9: 18. how are you doing on your finances so far? pay checks certainly affected by the higher taxes. maybe the resolution to do better could be waning. here with advice, welcome. >> a lot of folks make that new year's resident thrution they are going to be doing better on their finances. it's february and already not so much. >> this is such a good to begin paying down personal debt. >> look at some of the things still sitting out on credit cards. start paying that downright away. >> we'll start wi
to kelly clarkson. and also some random highlights from the night. we talked last week about the fashion code that the grammys put into place. don't show too much of this or that or the other thing. j-lo comes out with a nice little black number. >> as you can see, i read the memo. >> you know, momma, you are -- [ speaking foreign language ] you look good and gorgeous and you inspired the memo. >> i'm pretty inspired myself. >> when you can see hip skin, it might be a little too far up there. >> and justin timberlake, new album out. >> he does that to me. >> j.t. had a great performance. and a tribute to bob marley last night as part of the telecast. you saw sting there on the left. there's ziggy, his son. >> that was a really big moment. i see some under boob. that wasn't allowed either. speaking of the grammys, it was opened by taylor swift, big circus act. it was really good. turns out, carry underwood and taylor swift can't stand each other. they were told to keep them away from each other, not to cross paths during the awards show. apparently taylor swift says that carey has always
of the year, if you're interested, kelly clarkson "stronger" and taylor swift "we are never, ever getting back together." yet another song from taylor swift about a break up. >>> the president hits the road to deliver his message on gun control. athena jones has more on that. >> reporter: president obama heads to minnesota monday. his first stop in the campaign to win support for his gun policy proposals, an effort he promised in newtown. >> in the coming weeks i'll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens. >> reporter: he'll meet with residence and police in minneapolis, a city the white house has taken to reduce gun violence. over the weekend, the white house released this photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david last august, gun sports aimed that law abiding gun owners have nothing to fear. monday's trip follows dramatic testimony on capitol hill. >> it will be hard. but the time is now. you must act. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabby giffords shot in the head two years ago urged congress to be courageous and support measures like universal backgrou
that have just been announced. >> triple nominee kelly clarkson will take the stage this sunday as well as sing rihanna and bruno mars. performers include taylor swift and also alicia keyes. >> meet shakira's newest addition her baby son milan. the soccer star daddy this is the couple's first child together. cute baby little boy. >> in this story helped her win an oscar helped him win the super bowl. >> check out sandra bullock's son lewis. he was the inspiration behind a 2009 film "the blind side." one of my favorites. >> the top sports stories in a few hours baltimore will honor the ravens with a big parade for the super bowl championship. fans camping out for their chance to see them. >> oh my god i am so excited for them. >> i was jumping all over the place. couldn't stop moving. >> the weather is going to be good. it was a busy day for joe flacco he did what any winner does, he went to disney world. >> hours later he was in manhattan to appear on the late show with david letterman. will payton manning win another super bowl next year? the denver broncos considered the early favorit
tale or swift, and kelly clarkson doing a duet with bruno mars and sting. all of them together doing a mashup. there are a lot of kind of fund things going on tonight. >> and what is so amazing to me, because everybody is talking about this, i was going over some of the -- the clothes that are the artists were wearing last year, and it's just -- you know, less material than most clothing that the average person wears. cbs is aware of this. they sent out a dress code. what do you think, john? you think that will fly or they will challenge it? >> they are understatementing these artists. you can be creative and innovative without being half naked. an artist named dottie peoples that wore an american flag gown. no one in the mainstream knew her prior to grammy night, but she was in all of the celebrity weeklies a week later. and lady gaga wore the meat dress a few years ago, the only flesh she was showing came from a cow. some artists from okay, go, dressed up like a high-fashion sword fighters one year. you can cover up and be innovative. i believe we will see creative at its best toni
of the year we are young. album of the year went to mumford and sons. also taking home award kelly clarkson, adele, jay z and frank ocean. and the san francisco symphony won a grammy for best orchestra performance. the recording is a of a live concert of two pieces by bay area composer john adams. it is the 15th grammy for the san francisco symphony. >>> 6:26 is the time. back over to sal. what are you checking? >> we are looking at the south bay this time pam and northbound 280 looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. you can tell it's more crowded but still the traffic times are pretty normal. a little bit below normal which is good. traffic is getting more crudded but still a nice drive between pleasanton and san jose. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you for for some it's cold. windchills in the 20s. coast and bay a little warmer. 40 to near 50 degrees for that offshore breeze. that means temperatures will be warming up. 50s and a few mid 60s. pam. >>> thank you, stev coming up next an over night bomb shell from pope benedict why the leader is stepping down. >>> how copper thieves a
. not everyone welcoming this memoir. kelly clarkson, the pop superstar, very upset with some of the things he's had to say about her in the book. >> a lot of people will be reading this book. thanks very much for that. >>> up next, a follow-up to our investigation into the possible mistreatment of u.s. veterans. contaminated water and multiple cases of legionnaires disease. the cdc looked into the outbreak. what they discovered. we're keeping them honest. >>> witnesses say this little boy was slapped across the face by a stranger for crying on an airplane. that stranger now faces charges after turning himself in to police. the 360 follow, that's ahead. >>> an online dating horror story. a man arrested and accused of rape. police say he used a popular website to find his prey, and they fear there could be more victims. we'll have more, coming up. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house w
of the night. testosterone and needles found in his bedroom, they say. ♪ >>> it's the song that made kelly clarkson a superstar. but did she even want to sing it in the first place? her bitter war of words with clive davis, saying she refused to be bullied behind closed doors. ♪ i'm on top of the world i'm on top of the world ♪ >>> and hello, robin. the froggy slippers are off and she's back in times square. exactly five months from the day from her bone marrow transplant. her doctors, giving her the thumbs-up. she's been getting back into fighting shape. all on team robin here and across the country, with a big welcome, right now. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> welcome back, robin. >> robin is back, only on "gma." ♪ i'm on top of the world
where she seen something like this in this climate? everybody is getting paranoid? >> you have kelly clarkson and miranda lambert. rihanna is the one that will show up naked or at least they think that she might show up like that. she's the one this is directed towards. >> exactly. >> and it will be interesting to watch to see who breaks the rules. looking at them and say please, i'm going to wear what i want. who will be the artist tonight? >> i would imagine that it would happen. we have things right now of chris brown and rihanna. speaking of her, again, she's expected to be there. could be winning some awards. and supporting all the drama is the ex-boyfriend now current boyfriend, chris brown. >> yes, he'll be there supporting her. and now you heard the other fight as they will both be in the same building tonight. >> he's a real loose cannon. >> exactly. >> rihanna will perform with bruno mars and sting. which i think could be really great or a total disaster. and they were getting established, so this will be great as they will be able t
, kelly clarkson. beyonce is one of their presenters. people are still talking about her super bowl performance on monday night. >> you don't want to miss it. the 55th annual grammy awards right here sunday on wusa9. ll cool jay hosts. >> multiple winner taylor swift, you hear her. we'll be right >>> welcome back. 6:58. a couple of flurries north of i- 70 in howard county. temperatures this morning which are running in the 30s in most areas. mid-40s this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. a flurry tonight. poem breezy, 46. then some rain possible here by friday but the weekend is looking dry. monika? >> penn line 502 is running 30 minutes late. an accident northbound 95 blocks a lane at occoquan. >>> i am happy to report wall street is looking higher this morning. that's all thanks to earnings. >> very good. cbs this morning is next. they have house majority leader eric cantor of virginia on and why he wants republicans to focus on issues like education and health care. >>> and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> check us out. news,
, kelly clarkson photo bombing ellen and portia de rossi. >> performing on stage and sort of -- >> butterflies came flying out of her dress. >> pretty. i thought it was cool. >> i wondered if i was half asleep or not. >> hallucinating a little bit. did you have a favorite performance? >> elton john and ed shearing. >> right. >> great number. >> alicia keys and avril levigne from maroon five. >> they've been around ten, 15 years. now they can finally get out there and be hrd herd. >> once you win a grammy, are you now still an indy band? >> i don't know. >> i'm thinking underground. take two, melissa mccarthy getting the last laugh. fans of the actress are rallying to her defense after film critic rex reed called her, to his terms, tractor size and a female hippo, very well-known commentator on film. >> he hasn't been relevant since superman one. the '70s called. you're welcome to go back. >> he still has a column, writes for "the new york observer" talking about her new film "identity thief." >> which one as we said -- ro sweet redemption for her. >> and it would have been
said in ed sheer ens. >> miguel's adorn. kelly clarkson's "stronger" and vaughn's we are young. call me maybe is still the clear-cut choice. this song was so good that everyone from sort of traveling baseball teams to muppets could sing it and it could sound compelling. even if jepson wins song of the year, she won't roll the grammys like adele did last year. >> adele dominated. >> frank ocean could be among the night's multiple winners. he's one of six acts coming with six nominations. his includes album of the year and record of the year for thinking about me. >> had success selling records and you can make music that is really critically acclaimed. that makes you a strong and potent threat to win a grammy. >> stronger is competing with ocean for record of the year. so is "we are young" and lonely boy. as well as goat yea with somebody that i used to know. and taylor swift with "we are never getting back together". >> record of the year is really the greatest toss-upment anyone who says they know who will win is sell you a line of goods. >> walking away with a grammy will sell a lot m
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